If you’re selling products or services to consumers, your audience (for marketing purposes) is almost certainly on one or all of the main consumer-focused social media platforms. These include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Tumblr and Reddit, among others. A well planned social strategy using quality content and highly targeted advertising campaigns is a must. It can be one of the biggest generators of traffic to your website. Social commerce (selling products directly from social platforms) is also on the rise.

If you need to boost brand awareness, followers and engagement on your social platforms and drive qualified traffic to your website, talk to us today.


No matter how good your organic content is, it’s a reality that less and less people are seeing it as the social platforms continue to change their algorithms. This means that, even if you have a large, engaged audience, advertising on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram is becoming essential to continue reaching your audience. And it’s not as simple as it looks. Social media advertising has become very sophisticated. If you want the best results, you need experts.

How we deliver ROI on social media advertising

Determine your advertising objectives

Define and segment your target audience and identify the best platforms

Develop campaign concept using imagery, video, graphics and messaging and optimise for each platform and ad format

Select optimal ad types (There are a lot. We can advise on the best ad options based on your objectives, audience and campaign.)

Allocate budgets

Launch, manage, monitor, report and optimise


This means having a well-planned, well-balanced content plan across your social platforms. It should focus on engaging your target audience in your brand, building trust and ultimately converting leads into loyal paying customers.

You might already post regularly on your company’s social media pages but there is an art to an effective content strategy. It requires creativity and innovation, an understanding of what makes content shareable, and a high level of responsiveness; the ability to quickly leverage off news and trending topics that align with your brand.

Our solution to a killer social media content strategy

Defining and segmenting your audience and the platforms they engage with the most

Data analysis

Content and campaign planning

Channel specific content creation – images, video, infographics and copy

Optimised posting schedule

Listening, monitoring and engagement

Reporting and optimisation

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